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Glove Fitting

Glove Fitting

Thousands of hours have gone into the designing, testing and crafting of G/FORE gloves — but they can fit you like a second skin in only a few moments’ time with the aid of our sizing and fitting guide.

Sizing Your G/FORE Glove

Hold your glove hand in front of you as if you were about to gently push open a door. With a tailor’s tape measure or a piece of string, measure a snug fit around your hand at the row of knuckles that separates your four long fingers from your palm. Check this number (in inches) against the G/FORE glove sizing chart and order the size indicated. G/FORE gloves run small, so if your measurement falls between sizes, order the larger of the two.

Fitting Your G/FORE Glove

First, insert your four long fingers into the glove and use your free hand to gently press the leather around each digit. Next, insert your thumb into the glove and gently press the leather around it as well. Finally, smooth the leather down and across your palm. To help retain the glove’s shape and fit, refrain from pulling on the cuff (the part that goes around your wrist). The glove’s fit should be snug overall, with the leather taut across your palm and the back of your hand.

Men's Sizing (in Inches)

  • S = 8.25" (circumference around the knuckles)
  • M = 8.5"
  • ML = 9"
  • L = 9.5"
  • XL = 10"
  • XXL = 10.25"

Men’s gloves are available for the left or right hand in regular or cadet size. Cadet gloves feature the same palm width as regular gloves but have shorter fingers.

Women's Sizing (in Inches)

  • S = 7" (circumference around the knuckles)
  • M = 7.5"
  • ML = 8"
  • L = 8.25"

For further help with G/FORE glove sizing, please print our interactive glove sizing guide.